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    Her Fantasy - Matthew Dear - Beams (2012, Ghostly International)

    Matthew Dear may have spent the first few years of his recording life releasing rather serious techno under his Audion alias, but with his last two albums he’s been steadily reacquainting himself with the world of pop music. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not talking Carly Rae Jepsen here, Dear’s take on pop is dark, sultry, and still clearly influenced by underground electronic music. His most recent album, 2010’s Black City, exemplified this, and as such was a favourite of many that year.

    However, if this newly released lead single is anything to go by, he looks set to top that success with his upcoming LP Beams, due out on his own label Ghostly International late this August. Her Fantasy adds a distinctly summery, tropical air to his trademark dark and sultry sound; it’s a enrapturing musical journey, and once you finally surface from it six minutes later, you’re going to want to dive straight back in. Best of all, it’s available for free over at Insound. Also, make sure you check out the perfectly suited music video for the track below.

    Just pre-ordered mine from Ghostly, oh dat white vinyl. 

  2. "Her Fantasy" - Her Fantasy - Matthew Dear
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    Just pre-ordered mine from Ghostly, oh dat white vinyl.
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